History Of Cane Headboard And Other Cane Furniture

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Traditional Cane Headboard

Cane headboard – Cane furniture is an American success story that began in the 19th century, although rattan production is believed to date back to around 2000 f. Kr., When rattan was used to weave things like coffins. Merge seats were originally popular in England around the 17th century, and eventually enjoyed a 20th century revival when it was put to use in conservatories and dining rooms. But it was in America that cane furniture production had great success

Wakefield established Wakefield Rattan Company in South Reading, quit his job as a merchant to devote his full attention to the business of sugar cane. Wakefield worked with furniture made of oak and hickory, fill the frames with fancy rattan patterns. He has also acted in raw rattan to cane headboard makers and furniture makers, importing shiploads of raw materials to keep up with strong demand. This popularity led to the renaming of “South Reading” in Massachusetts for “Wakefield”, in honor of the author of cane furniture industry.

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Between about 1865 and 1880, Wakefield produced mainly indoor wicker like cane headboard. Wakefield chief competitor was Heywood Brothers Company of Gardner, Massachusetts, which was a wooden chair manufacturer. Their rivalry was strongest in the period from the 1870s to the 1890s, when the cane furniture was at the height of its popularity.

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